by Giulia Valle Group




01. Argentina (9:17)
02. Break-A-Loop (5:18)
03. Un sueño (5:15)
04. Xuxi (10:10)
05. Va y viene (4:33)
06. Berenice (9:30)
07. Shades Off 8 Intro (4:30) (*) Bonus Track

Total time: 52:00 min.

"I chose the title Berenice because this poetic and somehow dark word
had been stuck in my mind for days.

It evoked in me the figure of a fragile woman, thin and dark haired... with a shade of melancholy, but also with unusual strength, mostly manifested through maternal sweetness. A certain hint of nihilistic eroticism, combined with a raging love for life. A being from earth, but still somehow ethereal.

Then I realized that “Berenice” was the main character in an eponymous story by Edgar Allan Poe I had read many years ago. A tale of love and death, a trip to the depths of despair by a man who sees his beloved ravaged by an incurable disease which erodes her beauty and gradually transforms her into a monster. In spite of this, the man’s tormented love grows each day. Then I learned more about the word; Greek in origin (BereNike), the name means “who brings Victory.”

Berenice was also the name of a renowned Egyptian queen, a constellation, and a progressive artist (Berenice Abbott, a key figure in the Art-Deco movement)...

To me, this word means drama, beauty and timelessness. Mythology and vanguardism. Strength and frailty as one... the union of contrasting elements, the essence of postmodern lives.

But most of all, this is the title of the third album I’m doing with my beloved quintet... because WE LIKE THE WAY IT SOUNDS!!!!!!!!!: “Berenice”... Enjoy!"

-Giulia Valle, Barcelona, February 2010


released May 5, 2011

Giulia Valle (double bass), Martí Serra (tenor & soprano sax), Gorka Benítez (tenor sax & flute), Marco Mezquida (piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards & accordion) and David Xirgu ‘Xuxi’ (drums).

Recorded at 44.1 Estudi de Gravació (Girona), December 17 & 18, 2009.
Sound engineers: Toni Paris & Alex Faure.
Mixed by Dave Bianchi. Mastered by Kelly Hibbert.

Artistic Production by Giulia Valle.
Executive Producers: Jordi Pujol & Francesco Denozza.

Galbany & Bechet Artists



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Giulia Valle Barcelona, Spain

Giulia Valle has made a striking impression across Europe, playing in ve- nues such as: Dublin 12 points jazz fest, London Jazz Fest., Festival deer Jazz de Grenoble, Bremen Jazz Ahead, Festival d’Orléans, among many others...

She has also been awarded by the national musicians association, Jazç Magasine and the Altaveu festival jury as best composer and as the best band on the national scene.
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